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Simplexity Creative Problem Solving

Simplexity Creative Problem Solving

Let us teach your team to be more innovative

Do you want your team to think more creatively and develop more innovative solutions to problems and challenges? If so, let the Monarch Strategies LLC team enable your team with Simplexity Creative Problem Solving training. 

Our team can introduce you to Creative Problem Solving by helping you use the process in a facilitated session led by one of our certified facilitators. What is the challenge that your team keeps working on and you feel you're making no progress. Using the Simplexity process you will leave the session with an action plan and next steps. You will move from confusion to action!

If you'd rather dive right into Creative Problem Solving, our team provides both Simplexity Level I and Simplexity Level II training in addition to customizing training specific to your organization's needs. 

Schedule a no obligation consultation session or complete the form below and we'll get back to you to learn more about your specific needs. 

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