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Monarch Strategies LLC is a strategic consulting firm that serves clients across a wide array of sectors. 

Our team can provide consulting as well as project support in organizational culture, creative problem solving, leadership development, corporate and professional learning and much more. We also provide an array of coaching and training programs for all levels of your organization. Let us help you develop new programs to suit your company. Finally, we bring decades of experience in education so we have a wide array of expertise to bring to your educational institution in everything from curriculum development to accreditation. 

Contact us now to discuss your next project and let us support your growth. For more details about our services, scroll down for more details.

The Monarch team has more than 2 decades of experience in education. We can bring a multitude of expert design services to your school, college, or university. Our areas of expertise include all areas of academic operations including accreditation, distance education, curriculum development and design, and faculty development.

Do you need an empathetic and challenging ear to help support your leadership journey? Let us design a coaching package to help you achieve goals, improve your leadership, and better communicate with your team and peers. 

Do you have a challenging problem that's got your organization stuck? Let us help you build consensus amongst your stakeholders while helping you to move from confusion to action. We design and facilitate problem solving sessions from a few hours to several days. Let us design a session that will help you move to action and beyond. 

Running a small business means you're doing everything from janitorial work to strategy and design. Let us support your technology needs by identifying, designing, and refining a technology stack that will leave you with more time to fulfill your mission.

You can install innovation as a part of your organization's operating system. Let us help you develop a robust team of facilitators that can help your organization routinely move from idea to action. Let us bring you a proven language and tool set for innovation that will have you innovating like never before


Sometimes you need a neutral facilitator to help your organization challenge assumptions and move forward. Let us help design a meeting people actually want to attend and where you are sure to achieve your objectives AND you get to participate fully in the session. 


Do our services match your needs? Get in touch to learn more.

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