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Expert Services

Monarch Strategies LLC specializes in consulting services in higher education, leadership development, and technology. Our team and our many partners have decades of experience in higher education that we can bring to your team. 

Areas of Expertise

With our partners, we can tackle nearly any challenge in higher education. The list below highlights just a few of the specific services that Monarch Strategies LLC will provide directly. If you have needs outside of this list, please still contact us. We are happy to gather a team of our partners to help you address the challenge you are facing. 


Accreditation is vital to the success of your institution. Yet, compiling evidence, creating reports, editing reports, and preparing your campus community for a visit can be an immense burden. Dr. Monroe has more than a decade of experience as a consultant evaluator, team chair, and member of the Institution Actions Council with the Higher Learning Commission. We can help you prepare for a visit or realize the changes required from a previous visit.

Distance Education

Students now demand flexible learning options with everything from online to virtual to hi-flex instruction. What is the best mix of these for your institutions? How do you transition from the emergency operations of COVID to a long term, high quality program? How do you provide relief and support to faculty who are exhausted from teaching through a pandemic? Let us help you develop and implement a plan to answer these questions and many more.

Curriculum Development

Students deserve a curriculum that allows them to earn quick wins along the way to larger goals. Let us help you develop a truly stackable curriculum for your students. Or, perhaps you are trying to develop better transfer relationships with four-year partners. We can audit your curriculum and create alignment maps to state standards in consultation with your faculty.

Educational Technology

Keeping up with the latest in educational software, evaluating software tools, and developing training and support for implementing a new tool are ongoing challenges every higher education institution faces. Let us take that burden from you. We work with many companies and can help you decide if they are the right fit for you, develop a great relationship with the company and help you lead an implementation of their tool on your campus. 

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