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How Regular Review of Nice to Dos Boosts Productivity: Insights from Monarch Strategies' 24 for 24 Challenge

For the last several years, I have created a list of "soft" goals for the year for my personal and professional life. The number of items on the list corresponds to the last number of the year. This is an idea that taken from the podcast Happier with Gretchen Rubin which is one of my favorite podcasts.

This past year, I recognized that boundaries are the most important form of self care we can practice. As such, I am creating a separate "work" 24 for 24 list from my personal list. I recognize that this means that instead of only 24 items, I'm taking on 48 items. However, there are some important ways that I consider the 24 for 24 list differently from a list of goals. They are "soft". I'd like to accomplish them and they are related to strategic and intentional outcomes I want to accomplish. However, there is no "must do" to these. These are all nice to dos. I just want to keep them top of mind throughout the year.

I'm also adding a new reminder to myself this year to review my personal and work 24 for 24 lists on the 24th day of every month.

So, with that, I'm excited to share the very first ever Monarch Strategies LLC 24 for 24 list.

Monarch Strategies 24 for 24 list

1. Send at least 20 soft reach outs each month.

2. Build at least one new piece of website content each month.

3. Build and use a social media schedule.

4. Build out and begin delivering at least one new class.

5. Completely rebuild the Quarterly Review class.

6. Hold a financial date with myself that is specifically business focused on the 12th of each month.

7. Build out mailing list and a newsletter specifically focused on Monarch Strategies LLC

8. Build out a coaching cohort based on being a YNAB Certified Coach.

9. Build out a coaching cohort focused on mid-level career professions who are looking to grow in their role and/or into another role.

10. Read at least one business focused book every 2 months.

11. Read at least two studies from Harvard Business Review each month.

12. Hold at least 2 meetings with my accountant during the year to review financial procedures.

13. Create "link in bio" site for Monarch Strategies LLC and incorporate on all social media platforms

14. Send out at least 12 proposals for Creative Problem Solving work.

15. Build a more robust description of my services in curriculum design for the website.

16. Explore the idea of a video series on Creative Problem Solving.

17. Engage more actively on communities like Hive and Medium

18. Participate actively in the women in PKM Group started by Bianca & Nicole.

19. Relaunch the Facts of Life Book.

20. Attend at least one professional networking event during the year.

21. Promote the work of at least 5 other small businesses during the year.

22. Build out the Women's PKM Speaker's Bureau on my websites

23. Build a members only section on my website for clients.

24. Review the 24 for 24 list on the 24th day of every month.

How do you view new year's resolutions? Do you do personal planning related to your job or just do the work that's in front of you? If you do personal planning - what form does it take. Comment here or drop me an email.


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