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Could you benefit from a coach?

When most people here the word "coach" it conjures up images of someone standing courtside, field side, or pool side guiding an individual or a team through a sporting event. Coaches aren't just for athletes though. Everyone can benefit from a coach whether for improving performance on the playing field, in their career, or to maximize their personal journey in life.

I've had the privilege of working with a couple of incredible coaches in my life. Both remain friends and supporters in my life journey. They each helped me jump start a part of my life and career - allowing me to maximize that part of my life in a way I do not believe I could have done on my own.

What is it like to work with a coach?

Every person's experience working with a coach is different. Coaches are expert listeners who will guide and support you in making decisions and taking major steps in your career or life. A coaching relationship may be as short as one or two sessions - perhaps to help you prepare for an event like an interview or a major presentation. Coaching relationships can also last several months or even years. Coaches are empathetic when you need it and will also challenge you when you need to face a blind spot.

Coaches can also provide many valuable services to you. For example, most coaches offer 360 degree assessments or other assessments to help you know yourself better. Coaches may help you build a personal development plan or they may connect you to a wide array of resources such as books, courses, videos, or articles to help you learn and grow.

What is a coaching session like?

Most coaching sessions begin with a review of the goals that you have set for the coaching relationships. If you had pre-work to do before the coaching session (yes - you will often have homework when you work with a coach), you may review that with the coach or the coach may provide feedback on something you submitted in advance of the session. All coaching sessions will include open space for you to work through something top of mind or that is immediately challenging you. While you are actively working with a coach you also will typically have email access or other electronic options to reach out to your coach. Coaches keep your relationship with them private unless you choose to disclose the relationship.

Would you benefit from coaching?

Everyone can benefit from coaching. That said, you will get the most out of coaching if you want to grow and change. Coaching will only be valuable to you if you want to receive the honest feedback of a third party who is investing their time to help you grow. While some managers will recommend coaching for an employee as a corrective measure, these types of situations often result in resentment rather than growth unless you commit to change.

When you are selecting a coach make sure that you take time to decide if that coach is the right fit for you as a person. A coaching relationship is very personal. You need to feel as though you can benefit from working with the coach - and the coach will decide if they feel their services can be of benefit to you as a client.

What can a coach help me with?

Every coach will have different expertise. At Monarch Strategies LLC we focus on coaching for emerging leaders and executives. Our specific areas of expertise include:

  • Values & Integrity Focused Leadership

  • Developing Teams and Shared Leadership

  • Collaboration and Partnership

  • Media, Presentation, & Interview Preparation

  • Diversity & Cultural Awareness

  • Technology Skills

  • Developing People

  • Developing Personal Learning Plans

  • Improving Personal Productivity & Knowledge Management

  • Crafting Conversations

  • Leading Change

  • Developing and Sharing a Vision

If you think working with a coach could be right for you, it's time to schedule a free, no obligation consultation today. Learn more about our available coaching options on our coaching services page.


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